Digital Growth Ventures (DGV) is a full service consulting, investment banking/advising and venture/angel capital investing firm.  We believe the power of innovation coupled with effective and proven management can transform industries and provide tremendous growth opportunities.

DGV’s investments focus on startups and small businesses within the following sectors:

DGV expects to be an active advisor and team member to our investment portfolio companies and their management.  DGV partners and management have over 50 combined years of entrepreneurism, financial and executive management for startups to NYSE-listed companies in excess of $600M.  DGV partners and management have assisted clients with more than 50 M&A transactions with transaction values exceeding $100M.

On the consulting and advising side, DGV specializes in helping companies via a proven 5 step program.  The 5 steps include:
  1. Analysis - DGV will first spend the time to get to know you, your company, its strengths and weaknesses and your competitive threats.  We will utilize this information to build...
  2. Transformation Plan - Based on our analysis, DGV will create a detailed transformation plan for each area of the business needing one.  This Transformation plan will include specific action items, deliverables and timetables with milestones.  The Transformation Plan will be the basis for the next step...
  3. Acceleration - Once an agreed upon plan is in place DGV will help you initiate the plan and Accelerate the business forward.  Whether supporting management, marketing, capital formation, sales or other business areas, DGV will not just leave you with a plan, we’ll help you launch and accelerate the plan!
  4. Position - As the Transformation Plan and Acceleration initiatives begin to prove themselves, DGV will work closely with your executive management to Position the company for any and all future plans/needs.  This can include: showing you how to build solid R&D and product development programs which will enable your company to be ahead of the competition; and also how to set the company up for a future sale, merger or public offering.  Which leads to...
  5. Exit - DGV can and will act as your investment advisor and help the company sell and/or go public.  



Digital Growth Ventures


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